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2018 New Year's Address
  • 2018/01/01 10:11:19
  • Good luck with that
  • ——A golden rooster with a good roll, a yellow dog with a good tidings

"2018 will be a brand new start for Steelmate, we will surely march ahead passionately with higher morale." Mr. Ma Fei, CEO of Steelmate addressed inspiritingly on the Opening Ceremony held in Conference Room 2-2.

Mr. Lee AnPei, Chairman of the board of directors of Steelmate, brought his good wishes to all and also encouraged the management to manage the best of today and plan the best for tomorrow.

Mr. Ma, Mr. Zhao, VP of Steelmate, listened carefully to the reports delivered by head of each department, highly praised them for the achievement made in 2017 and raised higher expectations for 2018.

Steelmate Family,Set Sail for the New Year