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"2013 Global Media Award" ———Steelmate iPhone TPMS
  • 2013/11/08 10:11:19

In 2013, Steemate was accredited with “2013 Global Media Award" in SEMA. As the world's largest, most influential and authoritative Car Modification and Accessories Exhibition, since 2004 SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Market Association held in Las Vegas, US), has been working with US Automotive Modification Accessory Association and automotive main stream media of automotive modification to hold the "SEMA global media award of the year" selection activities, such as selecting " Best New Product Award", " Best Modification Award" and so on. These awards were approved by 35 committee members from 20 countries (all of whom are the top editors of magazines in the automobile and vehicle modification industry) for a few outstanding modified vehicles and accessories products .The "SEMA Global Media Award “is absolutely authoritative. For the winners, it is a great honor and recognition worldwide.