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YOU and Steelmate, continue writing the legend
  • 2013/01/26 20:28:06

In the Year-end Party, Steelmate art troupe staged a fantastic shows including dances and singings such as We Are the Future, Red is Red and Green is Green and so on, which reflecting the spiritual youth and physical vigor that steemate employee carries.

In the year-end party, Steelmate art troupe staged a fantastic shows including dances and singings, which reflecting the spiritual youth and physical vigor that steelmate employee carries.

Musical drama “Little fairy adventure" performed by employee’s carefree and adorable children, the Steelmate Generation 2,was long-applauded for its fancy plot.

Special guests from Guangdong Shadow Play performed its best-known traditional programme “Ribbon Dance" for which the performer was awarded “the Best Actor" in international shadowing drama art festival in Czech Republic. Girls Musical Bang's "Dancing and Musical Angles" and Guangzhou Acrobatics Troupe's exciting performance allowed us a breathtaking adventure right after the quiet musical dream.

In the Party, 21 employees who witnessed the establishment and development of the company, expressed their deep gratefulness and were given gold medals, marking their 10 years of dedication.

Team Excellent performancer were also taken into consideration as the characteristic of the Party to encourage each and every improvement made to produce a better product.

Workshop 1, 5 and 6 were honored as Excellent Team for their independent and continuous improvement made to the production lines.

In Excellent Individual Achievement Section, Mr. Li and Mr. Pan from PROD department were awarded as “Model of Reform"; For Excellent Team Achievement Section, Mr. Lee and Mr. Zhang from R&D department, on behalf of their team, were honored as “Model of Reform Team” for their innovative products.

As the new year 2013 approaching, Steelmate will continue to write it legend by making technology innovation, reducing cost, increasing operation efficiency in the related ten departments including R&D, Overseas Business, Domestic Business, Engineering, Production, Quality, Purchasing, Logistic, Finance and HR, to offer better products and service for customers and partners respectively, opening a new chapter of the future development.