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"2010 & 2012 Automechanika Innovation Award" winne ———Steelmate DIY TPMS
  • 2012/09/13 10:11:19

The Frankfurt international auto show, held every two years, is one of the five most prestigious international auto shows in the world. Steelmate Co.,Ltd, was the only company in Asia to be honored with the Innovative Award and for two consecutive years. Steelmate DIY TPMS has the characteristics of lightweight, small size and self-installation, which creatively subverts the form of sensor TPMS and makes the traditional TPMS that once required professional installation simple, fast and full of fun. With the function of tire explosion-proof, air leakage monitoring, energy saving, tire pressure monitoring, Steelmate DIY TPMS assures you a safe and fantastic journey.

Introduction to the innovation award of Frankfurt international auto parts expo:

All-in-one GPS Security System from Steelmate won Innovation Award out of a total of 147 product competing in Frankford international auto show. The Frankfurt international auto show accredited the specially-designed innovation award to the company from the considerations as follows:

1、Innovative content and quality solution

2、Functions: economic, user interest and application scope

3、Aftermarket correlation

4、Safety and quality

5、Eco-friendliness, resource saving and contribution to sustainable development